Laser Tag | You are the game!

Check out the BEST Laser Tag arena in Joplin, MO! After a brief introduction, each team puts on lightweight vests with attached phaser and enters the factory, ready to seek, find and deactivate opposing team members and their base station for points.

The arena is the NEWEST Laser Tag facility in Joplin, MO! It also consists of barriers, strobe lights, beacons, black lights, hiding spots, base stations, sentries and more. The object is to out score the other team. Points are awarded for tagging the opponents base station and by tagging other players.

Loud heart pumping music surrounds you as the red laser beam cuts through the fog surrounding you. You know your opponent is near! Turning around, you see him near your team’s base station that you’re trying to protect. Suddenly in the black-lit fog arena, an array of multicolor lights flash across your opponent. You seize the opportunity, aim and fire! Seeing his sensors flash red and green, you know that you have just brought your team one point closer to victory!